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We inspire people for increased productivity and cultural change

The management consultancy werte+mehr® Sven Geelhaar offers more than 20 years of experience in the optimization of processes, the sustainable increase in productivity, the modern management of teams and the successful cultural change in companies.

We work in a powerful network of experienced management consultancies – nationally and internationally. Our medium-sized clients come from various sectors of industry, services and administration.

werte+mehr® delivers customer-specific solutions that harmonize the needs of people and companies. We create measurable added value for our customers and support them in living values more credibly. Reliably at a high level of quality and with a clear focus on results.

It is our deep conviction that business processes and corporate culture are the foundation of all success. Because those who know their processes, design them efficiently and live them consistently create the basis for constructive collaboration both in day-to-day business and in projects. And those who bring about a positive change in people’s attitudes and behavior create sustainable success.

That’s why we strive for excellence for and with our customers – in processes, productivity, leadership and cultural change.



It’s a pleasure for us!

„We can only convincingly multiply our experiences if we consistently live what we believe in. “

Dr. Sven Geelhaar – Founder of werte + mehr®


I’d like to introduce myself. I am 50 years old, married and live in the beautiful city of Constance at Lake Constance.

After an apprenticeship as a bank clerk, I studied industrial engineering in Kaiserslautern and then received my doctor’s grade in mechanical engineering. Several years in project business and consulting preceded my move to industry.

For many years I assumed responsibility in various management positions there: at group level, division level and plant level. Processes and increasing productivity have always been the focus of my work – combined with the topics of leadership and cultural change.

Whether process optimization, strategy, controlling, production, process technology, digitization, Six Sigma, Lean manufacturing or Lean administration, a multitude of processes, methods and behaviors shaped my working life. My goal has always been to make the company successful and to get my colleagues excited about their work. Until I finally found and experienced a great way to sustainable corporate success.

The transition to self-employment was a logical consequence for me. For some years now I have been sharing my enthusiasm for process management, increasing productivity and cultural change with my clients – as a consultant, coach, trainer and moderator.

My focus is on generating measurable value for my clients in a sustainable way and living values credibly, in the sense of my company name werte+mehr® (values and more).

But paper and websites are patient. Get to know my company and me better in a personal conversation.


It’s a pleasure for us!