The seminars offered by the werte+mehr®-Academy are currently being revised.

If you have specific qualification needs in one of the listed topics, please contact me. All seminars have a modular structure and can be customized.

I offer both open and closed seminars. In principle, the location should be outside the usual working environment. Thewerte+mehr®-Academy  has seminar rooms at Lake Constance within a beautiful environment. The best prerequisites for a sustainable deployment of competences.

  • Cultural Change & Leadership
    • For start-up companies: Actively shaping corporate culture right from the start
    • Creating cultural change in established companies
    • Turnaround in and with cultural change
    • Project management in practice (100% practice instead of boring theory)
    • How to act credibly in corporate cultural change – being a role model
    • What employees need to develop their potentials
    • Understanding the behaviour of others and using it successfully
    • Agile versus stable management
  • Combining Productivity Increase & Cultural Change
    • Entry into the Lean world (production & indirect functions)
    • Lean order fulfillment process – profitable, fast & simple
    • Industry 4.0 for medium-sized businesses

The werte+mehr®-Academy is the right place for those who want to learn and experience something different. With joy and enthusiasm you will gain valuable knowledge and experiences related to cultural change – efficient & profitable.

Dr. Sven Geelhaar, Experte für Prozessmanagement, Produktivität und Kulturwandel

I am looking forward to meeting you!

Greetings from Lake Constance

Sven Geelhaar