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werte + mehr® consulting is practical, result-oriented and known for its fast implementation speed. We think and act holistically and are convinced that the topics of processes, productivity, leadership and cultural change strongly influence each other. This is why we work on them integratively, even if the focus varies.

Our work is based on extensive practical experience and an excellent network. All consultants have at least 20 years of professional experience, more than 10 years in industry. They are strong methodologists and have a high level of social competence. Usually we supervise our projects by one person, if necessary experts are called in temporarily. This flexibility enables us to successfully handle even complex topics.

The werte + mehr® consulting approach is characterized by four building blocks of success:

  • a specific project set-up
  • processing of 10 transformation fields
  • a consistent change of perspective in the project
  • an effective toolbox

We attach particular importance to short project durations (3 to a maximum of 6 months), a strong team and a clear definition of roles. The project team of our customers consists of operative employees who live the processes and structures to be improved in day-to-day business themselves. Because they are the true process experts. We put them in a position to work methodically well-founded and purposefully and incorporate our methodical expertise. The team is trained on site in small and quick steps, always on the basis of operative questions. The learning and its benefits can be experienced immediately.

Our work takes place mainly on site at the client’s premises, both with the project team and with the management team. At this point, consulting, coaching, training and moderation go hand in hand. Between the presence (on-site) blocks we secure the project progress by a structured distance coaching. In order to ensure sustainable success, organizational structures are introduced in addition to the qualification measures to prevent the project from falling back into old behavior patterns.

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