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Unfortunately, working in a successful corporate culture has become more and more a privilege in recent decades. Although economic success is widespread, job satisfaction has become increasingly rare. The pressure to succeed, the internal competition, the different egoisms and the gangsteries through rules and control seem too great for people to be able to develop freely. You may have asked yourself how you can break out of this hamster wheel. Or how you can initiate a positive change in a complex social structure, as companies are. In view of the fact that many attempts fail miserably, it takes a lot of courage, trust and skill.

Creating the right synergies

While the company primarily strives for economic success, people deep inside wish themselves happiness and fulfillment in what they do 8 hours or more a day. They want to develop and live out their talents and abilities. Mind you in working life and not, as is often the case, only in the evenings when exercising hobbies.

“How can these objectives be harmonised with each other?”

Achieving economic success and at the same time feeling pleasure at work is much easier than many people think.

It just depends on the “how.”

If you choose a way that supports people’s needs, you will automatically receive their support. If, on the other hand, you see people as opponents, you will involuntarily receive resistance. A sad example of this in many companies is the daily interaction between management and employee representatives.

Find a way to make improvements fun

Use the experience, the creativity, the potential of those who see and bear the problems every day. Those who are hungry to finally give their daily work more meaning and thus added value. Avoid having improvements designed by third parties – by colleagues from corporate departments or even by external consultants. Let people improve their own processes themselves. Give them a chance to say

“I designed the process myself and it’s better now.”

Everyone has an interest in making his/her work fun. And everyone has an interest in ensuring that their own workplace is safe. So give them what they crave. Give them security and freedom of design. Give them appreciation and actively accept their suggestions. Give them methods and tools to make the weaknesses in processes and structures transparent and to structure them. And give them support,…

…how you can concentrate on value creation! 

Instead of making life hard with waste. Lean Management offers a proven framework for this – in production as well as in indirect areas – that creates a new awareness of process orientation and value creation in a simple and understandable way. The human being is the focus of all activities.

Corporate values such as respect and responsibility adorn the office walls, but they are rarely lived. If you put your team in the position to improve their own processes and structures – guided methodically, mind you live credibly respect and transfer responsibility in a positive sense. You trust your team with the economic success of the company. And it grows and thrives through the creativity and self-motivation of the workforce.

Provide security through a job guarantee and use freed capacities for growth and continuous improvement. Once the joy of improvement is awakened, it becomes a matter of course.


Make it work!


Greetings from Lake Constance

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