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Cultural change

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This is the assurance of lasting success. Attitudes and behaviour determine daily life and, above all, collaboration. Also and especially in the business world. Your team may not develop its full potential, the old silo thinking still prevails. Or you think that the workforce is not sufficiently prepared for the upcoming changes, such as digitalization. It needs a rethink, a change of the self-understanding of each individual. A fundamentally different working style. But this is exactly what many people shy away from. In any case, you might feel that there is still a lot of space for improvement. The call for a cultural change becomes loud.

Together we define a pragmatic implementation project that links cultural change with a real improvement project. In this way, we take the explosiveness out of the cultural topic and focus specifically on an operationally necessary measure. In this way, we give the project a meaning that is easy for everyone to understand. Through the way we set up and implement the project, we create – as a side effect, so to speak – the desired cultural change and at the same time make people want to change.


Rapid increase in productivity and a living cultural change – values and profitability are lived hand in hand.


Cultural change in the company

The importance of the corporate culture for the operating result has been known for a long time and is no longer controversial. Nevertheless, your company or team may have a working atmosphere that could be improved. Whether it’s working together in a team, collaborating between departments or between managers and team members. Perhaps the mood is bad or the willingness to perform does not live up to expectations.

You are motivated and have a clear vision of your corporate culture: people like to go to work, want to get better every day, treat each other respectfully and develop their potential. Even those who have been hidden so far. Economic success is the tangible consequence. Only:

How can this be achieved?

werte + mehr® links cultural change in a company with a typical, operationally necessary change project. We leave the team in a relatively familiar project and process environment and thus removes the pressure of the own need for change, which goes hand in hand with a cultural change. Because even if a cultural change is advocated, this does not mean that there is also a readiness for one’s own change. However, if this is demanded, it represents an attack on the personal comfort zone. Resistance can be the result.

Time for cultural change?

  • better collaboration
  • more self-responsibility and self-organization
  • a modern leadership style
  • transparency and trust
  • reliability and credibility
  • higher performance


Creating personal benefit

That is why we choose the way of integrated cultural change. For example, we focus on a project to increase productivity or process optimization. Company expansion is also possible. Cultural change is generated naturally in this project – as a by-product, so to speak. By HOW we work with the team. We initially focus on customer and process orientation as well as on value creation. Thus, we link the different werte+mehr® areas of excellence. The aim of the approach is to create a personal benefit for each individual employee from day one. In this way we create a pull and the employees participate enthusiastically.

Cultural change in the company as a lever for profitability

In cooperation with werte + mehr® , the team members learn how to make their company even more productive. The management level learns which management and control systems have a sustainable supporting effect. In addition, everyone learns together how to use improvement projects to achieve step-by-step cultural change in the company. Operationally, based on specific projects.

A lot of money is saved for the company and the working atmosphere is improved. At the same time process landscape becomes more transparent and powerful, the management culture is positively changed and a culture of improvement is created that turns productivity increases into day-to-day business. This makes it possible to live values and profitability credibly and successfully at the same time. live . values . profitably

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