Cultural change
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Interdisciplinary collaboration

Project example

Initial situation

A medium-sized tool manufacturer has a high production utilization with strong overloading the organization. Delivery delays have increased significantly in recent months and customer satisfaction has droped down. The lack of cross-functional cooperation between the departments has been identified as main cause.

Project order

The heterogeneous teams are to be aligned to common goals and a constructive and customer-oriented cooperation is to be created.



  • definition of a cross-departmental productivity project
  • building an interdisciplinary core team
  • analysis of process chains
  • multi-stage development of a target process with process and performance indicators
  • definition of visualization & communication & decision making in the process chain (cross-departmental cooperation)
  • development of a process organization with defined tasks and responsibilities
  • implementation planning and pilot implementation of processes and organizational structures
  • several optimization loops
  • implementation of the final target process and the new process organization
  • implementation of a permanent CIP process
  • multiple review visits


  • OTD improvement by 15%
  • reduction of complaints by 20% 
  • improvement of employee satisfaction 
  • increase of the monthly implemented improvement measures by 500% 

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