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Project example

Initial situation

The manager of a medium-sized production company is responsible for an organizational unit with 4 departments and over 30 employees. For 5 years he has been reporting directly to the management, which has not been satisfied with his performance for a long time. Also the staff is increasingly dissatisfied with the situation. Self-perception and perception of others differ significantly from each other.

Project assignment

With the help of an executive coaching the efficiency of the executive and thus also of the department has to be clearly increased within 6 months.



Preparation phase

  • manager obtains 1:1 feedbacks 360°
  • implementation of a shadowing (1-day accompaniment of the coachee in day-to-day business)
  • reflection of the shadowing insights
  • creation of a common systemic understanding
  • analysis of the existing target system in the company (expectations)
  • concretisation of measurable coaching goals and a rough roadmap (willingsness)
  • agreement of measures to prepare the coaching

Evaluation phase:

  • self-reflection
  • obtaining 1:1 feedbacks to evaluate coaching success 
  • evaluation of the coaching results on the basis of the agreed criteria 
  • definition of a sustainability concept

Coaching phase (repetitive session sequence)

  • reflection on what has happened since the last session
  • checking deviations to coaching roadmap
  • determination of topic and goal for today’s coaching session
  • analysis of problems
  • development of potential solutions
  • implementation of practical exercises to prepare for implementation
  • agreement of an action plan
  • outlook for the next meeting


  • increase of individual key figures by 10-20% 
  • significant increase in employee satisfaction 
  • strong agreement between self-image and external image 
  • positive evaluation of the coaching successes by the management  

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