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The fertilizer of success. The joy your team feels at work depends on how strong the trust of management and colleagues is. Do you treat each other with respect and appreciation? Do you try out ideas courageously? Do you get support and backing from your superiors if something goes wrong?

The potential of selfdevelopment in a team or of each individual person is essentially determined by the leadership style of the management. The team looks up to them, they observe and critically assess them with regard to their role model function. The expectations are high, sometimes even too high.

In a coaching process, we work together to ensure that you as a manager support your team to reach the goals instead of intensive controlling or micro managing. You create the necessary structures for your employees to work innovatively and courageously and to achieve the best possible performance. This is done in conjunction with aspects of process improvement and increased productivity in your area of responsibility. You are increasingly assuming the role of a mentor in leadership. People take over more responsibility and improve collaboration. Hidden potentials are released.


As a mentor and role model, you create a climate of appreciation and trust; your team is assured of your support.


Modernise management style

The modern executive needs a different leadership style. Because they no longer play the role of the central decision-maker, but act as mentors. It creates structures so that as many decisions as possible can be made by those who carry out the tasks on a daily basis. Because there is a growing understanding of who the true experts in processes and products are.

Control systems dominate

A frequent problem, however, is that the prevailing corporate culture in many companies does not provide an optimal basis for trust. The systems are designed for control, making mistakes is forbidden. In addition, there are numerous meetings, detailed reportings and special tasks. Many people are now doing their duty by the book and have less and less courage to leave the beaten track with new ideas.

The manager in turn has the impression that the team is becoming more and more dependent and uses micro-management. In order to break this vicious circle of control and loss of trust, a rethink is necessary. A new image of leadership offers a solution, a different leadership style. .


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The new leadership style gives confidence

In the werte + mehr® approach, the managers play the role of mentors: they accompany the team as supporter, motivator and promoter. They create framework conditions, are present and ask the right questions. They pave the way for employees to fully exploit their potential within the company. And it actively exemplifies trust. The team gains more freedom of decision and can rely on the support of the manager. Even if something goes wrong. This strengthens self-confidence and makes them more successful.

Strengthening team and executive mutually

Everyone can learn this behaviour. werte + mehr® combines operative coaching in day-to-day business with intensive individual coaching and occasional shadowing – accompanying the executive in day-to-day business. We analyze the system and acute topics in depth, discuss possible solutions and develop concrete implementation plans. The success of the executive becomes the success of the team.

Accompanying team coaching is possible. It creates more openness and additional opportunities for reflection for all participants. The team supports the manager and the manager supports the team. Emerging conflicts are addressed openly and resolved in a target-oriented manner. A climate of trust, support and appreciation is created.

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