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structured . reliable . competent

Workshops are part of the everyday business life. In a team, results are to be jointly developed, competencies and experiences bundled. The topics are manifold: strategy, process, project or conflict workshops. Personnel capacities must be provided, as must time and money. The greater the effort, the higher the expectation.

Methodologically, there would often be no need for external moderation. Because the knowledge for this is usually available in companies. But for some topics a neutral moderator is advantageous. A person who is not emotionally involved with the participants. The one clear head who keeps the overview. Even if it’s getting emotional. Entrepreneurial and personal neutrality make more effective procedures possible.

At werte+mehr® workshop moderation is part of day-to-day business. We have the necessary professionalism in preparation, execution and follow-up. And wring along the methodical tools and have a lot of empathy. We are able to make the loud participants silent and we give the silent ones a voice. To put the nuances into words and to illustrate complex things in an enlighteningly simple way. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, just in the right atmosphere. With the desired result. Structured, reliable, competent.

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