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Impulse day “Leading with integrated capacity planning”, Stuttgart

Although a systematic planning and controlling of personnel capacities makes organizations more efficient and significantly increases employee satisfaction, it’s still not implemented in many companies. Capacity conflicts, constantly changing priorities, overload and a lack of ability to plan cause dissatisfaction and missing goals.

After an analysis of the status quo, the key levers of capacity planning in everyday management are developed and the role of the modern manager is highlighted. In an alternation of teaching theoretical principles, practical experience and groupwork, a new understanding of how to lead with a holistic capacity planning is growing.

The event takes place in cooperation with KruCon GmbH. Further information, dates and venues on request.

Impulse day “How to create a corporate culture”, Stuttgart

Change has always been an integral part of economic life. However, the speed of change is increasing all the time. Digitalization is probably the most well-known driver. It is changing our everyday working life not only technologically, but above all in terms of the way we work. The same applies to topics such as Agile Management or New Work, which are becoming increasingly popular. What is still normal today may soon no longer exist. People and organizations must be correspondingly flexible.

Corporate culture is therefore becoming increasingly important. The behaviour and attitude of each individual person, the way they work together in a team and the organisational framework conditions determine the future and performance of an organization.

In the seminar, the change in business world, the importance of corporate culture and finally the way to a successful cultural change will be shown. Interactively we develop a concept how the participants achieve sustainability in constant change and how, above all, the workforce becomes the supporting pillar of this process. As a manager, you will learn how to create a positive pull in the team.

The event takes place in cooperation with KruCon GmbH. Further information, dates and venues on request.

How to start digitization with lean processes, Konstanz

The popularity of digitization is creating increasing pressure on companies to act. There is a kind of gold-rush mood that emphasizes the potential benefits of thed igital world. Warnings are quickly lost in enthusiasm. Executives get the feeling that they are losing touch and therefore accelerate their digitization activities. This is reminiscent of the New Economy: speed has priority.

The seminar sets an antipole to the current quest for speed in digitization. Starting from the overriding goal of sustainable profitability and competitiveness, digitization is placed in the context of lean processes. When is a process lean? What does it need to become lean? How is it linked to digitization? And where is the contradiction? Participants will be sensitized to which measures – analog and/ordigital – create the greatest added value for the company and which sequence should be followed. An operational topic that should be anchored in everyc orporate strategy.

Further information, dates and venues on request.

Project management for medium-sized companies – pragmatic and focused, Konstanz

The business world is becoming faster and more dynamic, and project businessis even getting more dominant. Hence,  professional project management is required: agreeing on binding goals, presenting a robust and reliable plan, with realistic deadlines and capacities and a tight project monitoring.

Especially small and medium-sized companies sometimes have difficulties in choosing an appropriate level of methodology in project management. How much methodology is needed? Is a special software necessary? How much effort is economically feasible? When does project management threaten to overwhelm the organization? And above all, what is the role of managers in this system? All these questions are considered from different perspectives and in intensive dialogue. The seminar is by practitioners for practitioners and places operational pragmatism and benefits above theoretical feasibility.

Further information, dates and venues on request.



Digitization enables new business models, increases the efficiency of theorganization, lowers costs, accelerates processes or reduces the susceptibility toerrors, for example. The potential benefits have many faces and more and morecompanies are in a hurry not to loose competitiveness. 

We at werte + mehr® are also enthusiastic about the technical possibilities that areemerging. But we do not follow the trend of making digitalisation an end in itself. For us, digitization is one of perhaps many paths to reach a goal. 

Thus, our guiding principle that all changes begin with the process is also valid forthis topic. Only those who know, understand and streamline their processes can getthe best out of them. This can be with or without digitalisation. 

With werte + mehr® you get a partner at your side who, despite all the digitalisationeuphoria, keeps an eye on the essentials: Making your company even moresuccessful and, above all, fit for the upcoming changes in the future. 

Going live of the new werte+mehr® website

Constance, 20.12.2019
Thanks to intensive work, (Barbara Kuberczyk Kommunikationsdesign und  edvart – Philipp Kuhlmann Internetdienstleistungen)  and tight project management, our new website is online after less than 6 months. More structured, more transparent and above all moreinformative, we inform our customers and all visitors about our company, thespecific range of services and current activities.

In a modern and appealing design we offer a variety of impressions and articles on the topics of processes, productivity, leadership and cultural change.

We look forward to your feedback and invite you to be inspired.


Frankfurt, 18.02.2020 
The digital transformation is an essential focus of this event. Further venues are Munich and Essen.   


DBVC Dialogue Forum: " Corporate culture - soft fact or hard fact?"

Leverkusen, 20.-21.03.2020
The event for company representatives and professional coaches focuses on relationship building as an important element of cultural change. The creation of a resilient organization is the overriding goal.


Employer Excellence Day 2020

München, 01.04.2020
The event focuses on the topic of work and corporate culture. 


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