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Optmizing order fulfilment process

Project example

Initial situation

A mechanical engineering company suffers from serious delivery delays and significantly delayed order confirmations. The complaint rate is very high and customer satisfaction is getting worse every day.

Project order

The order fulfilment process is to be optimized with regard to efficiency and performance. In addition, a control system has to be created to improve On-Time-Delivery (OTD) by 25% within 9 months.


  • performing a process analysis
  • multi-stage development of a target process with process and performance indicators (order fulfilment process)
  • definition of visualization & communication & decision making in the process chain
  • definition of tasks, competence requirements and responsibilities
  • implementation planning and pilot implementation
  • several optimization loops
  • implementation of the final target process and a sustainability concept
  • multiple review visits


  • reduce order confirmation time by 70%
  • increase OTD by 25%
  • reduction of the complaint rate by 80%

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