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This is the foundation of all success. You want clear structures and uniform standards. Stability and flexibility at the same time. The processes garantee the desired quality and performance. They are in a flow and fast. In rhythm. Problems are solved promptly and efficiently at the point of origin and are no longer passed on.

There is a lot of experience in your organization, but too little is made of it. You now want to make better use of it, uncover it and fertilize it with external expertise. Transparency and mutual understanding should be created and common rules introduced. Secured by the organisational structure, so that the agreed is adhered to.

Together with your team, we analyse existing processes and align them methodically based on collective experience and competencies. We define pragmatic solutions and create structures which are strongly supported by the workforce because that’s the only way to achieve sustainability.


Transparent, simple and powerful processes – more reliability and predictability.


Process orientation for successful collaboration

In every company there exist processes; process maps and process descriptions are available. But are they consequentely used in day-to-day business? Does your organization live what is defined, documented and often certified for a lot of money? Are processes seen as a key to corporate success and sustainable customer loyalty? Does your company live process orientation?

The easiest way to check is to have a look on the order fulfillment process: A customer places an order. All process steps from order clarification to invoicing should be aligned to ensure that services are performed efficiently, cost-effectively and successfully.

How can this process orientation be achieved?

By collaborative process design. Those people who execute the processes on a daily basis – across departments – should analyse and design their own processes. It should become their own process and not a consultant or manager process. With uniform definitions and rules of conduct. Well structured, easy to learn and transparent. Embedded in an organization that guarantees fast and powerful execution, repeatable and robust. So that even unforeseen influences do not upset the system’s balance. .

Strong enough for the downturn?

  • lean processes
  • stable processes
  • short lead time
  • small inventory
  • fast adaptability
  • high productivity
  • powerful CIP


Focus on what’s important

When designing processes, we proceed efficiently and pragmatically. In keeping with the 80:20 rule. It is better to celebrate small successes quickly than to get bogged down in the long run. Together with your team, we analyze the tasks, interfaces and responsibilities. But methodically different from what you usually experience. We work out the weak points together and make visible what is really necessary in order to satisfy the customers.

Fast implementation creates suction

We ensure that lean processes are defined and lived. At an unexpected level of performance. In other words, we get your team to make the seemingly impossible possible. Professional project management enables this new concept to be implemented quickly. Process orientation becomes a positive experience and a pull arises in the organization. People want to get more of it.

A new dimension in togetherness

The resulting “WE” feeling releases potential and creates mutual understanding for the problems of colleagues. Transparency about the processes and the current process status creates trust. Emerging problems are quickly solved by a changed management behaviour and with the help of the new organisational structures. Your team lives the lean processes, which are very well coordinated and aligned to the same goal hierarchy. The people who make all this be lived in day-to-day business have the appropriate qualifications and take their responsibility motivated. Even when individuals are absent, the processes remain smoothly flowing.

Process orientation creates added value

In a short period of time you will receive a high added value for your company: decreasing throughput times and defect rates are only two aspects of it. You not only ensure satisfied customers, but your workforce is also more motivated and more connected to the company. Ultimately, you increase the company’s success both in the short term and in the long term. Processes and organization are now transparent.simple.reliable!

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