Productivity and employee satisfaction in harmony

This headline probably makes most people smile, twist their eyes or wave them away. After all, the egglaying wool milk sow is only to be found in fairy tales. Or, of course, on glossy foils from the consultants. Increasing productivity means hard work and all too often also cuts in personnel. Not a nice task and certainly not a guarantee to increase employee satisfaction.

Increased productivity puts a strain on the working climate

This seems to me to be one of the few topics on which management, works councils and staff secretly agree. Even if the managers would not pronounce it so clearly. Rather, they would point out the necessities and the positive effects of competitiveness and job security.

Yes, productivity often causes pain

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This is because higher machine productivity generally leads to faster cycle times or less downtime. Personnel productivity also affects the cycle or work volume. So that people are too often the victims of productivity increases. As always, exceptions confirm the rule.

“But does productivity really have to hurt?

Does the increase in entrepreneurial performance really have to be perceived as negative? Or is there a way that supports the human need for well-being and at the same time leads to an improvement in the company’s key figures? Is there this egg-laying woollen milk sow? Or do we have to say goodbye to this idea? From the dream that people feel joy at work and want to improve?

Increasing productivity can bring joy!

But how is that possible? When the vast majority of people think it is impossible.
And let’s be honest:

“If it were that simple,
most people would have done it by now, wouldn’t they?”

Not true! Because the best inventions have a common characteristic. And that is to say that afterwards everyone grabs the head and says:

Produktivität,Kreativität,Vertrauen,Kulturwandel,Sven Geelhaar

“That is so simple!
I could have come up with that myself!

In this respect, the question remains as to HOW you can increase the productivity of your company in such a way that your employees feel pleasure in doing so! And how they generate the desire for more. So what is the magic key to the harmony of …

… Productivity and employee satisfaction?

Do you want to know? Now? Immediately? Then make an appointment today for an inspiring discussion about the harmony between productivity and employee satisfaction.

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