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The means for lasting success. There is enough potential and your team has many ideas what they could improve. But the key figures are telling something different. Productivity lags behind your own expectations. The organization is already overloaded. It needs a bigger leap and the team should stay on the ball more consistently. You want the organization to be lean and get better every day. In the daily business as well as in projects.

Or you are planning to expand your business. Investments are to be minimized, existing potentials are to be used. Because everything that runs badly today will otherwise be scaled into the future. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a production process, an administrative process or a service process. What runs badly on a small scale runs badly on a large scale as well. And what is inefficient manually also becomes inefficient digitally.

Together we use the potential of your team, merge it with our werte+mehr® know-how and make productivity a daily part of their work. We analyze the processes together with those who carry out the process steps on a daily basis. Benefitial improvement ideas are quickly implemented as prototypes and tested. The results become tangible. In a short time we solve the knot and make the first big productivity leap, release a lot of positive energy. Making mistakes is expressly permitted. A learning loop follows the next.


The processes and structures are lean and daily improvements secure the profitability of your company.


Increase productivity

Those who regularly increase their productivity create more value in the company and ensure long-term competitiveness. The fact that changes are progressing more rapidly today means that problem solutions that have been found are becoming obsolete faster and faster. The productivity imrovement that has been achieved in a project thus drops faster than expected. Only those who can constantly increase their productivity remain competitive.

But how can this be achieved?

By merging it into the DNA of day-to-day business. The werte+mehr® approach links both worlds: the unique productivity leap on a project basis and the continuous improvement process (CIP). Together we create the necessary framework and the appropriate culture for it. Your employees develop a self-motivation to actively contribute their experiences and ideas from their daily work and use them to increase value. In a natural way “bottom up” and not given by the management in a bulky project “top down”. We support you in making the topic of “increasing productivity” a daily part of your work.

Fit for digital transformation

  • streamline processes
  • strengthen cross-­functional cooperation
  • identify digitale potentials
  • implement solutions fastbut step by step
  • create personal benefit


People want to increase productivity

The potential for this exists in the company. It just has to be lifted. The employees gather valuable experience in day-to-day business and in projects. They develop their own ideas on what could be done better. This creative potential needs to be exploited to a greater extent. Together with your team, we analyze the activities carried out and derive improvement measures in order to increase productivity. It is important that all ideas can be expressed, no matter how good or unrealistic they may seem at first glance. Because the basic attitude behind the process is that making mistakes is OK. We create an failure culture that encourages people to contribute ideas for improvement, even if you are not absolutely sure that this idea will lead to success. The top rated ideas are tested, evaluated and, if necessary, readjusted in small steps.

Suitable structures are needed

The continuous improvement process for increasing productivity begins with a methodically sound process analyzis and conception . werte+mehr® supports you in significantly increasing the proportion of value added in the processes and in making the organizational structures more efficient and flexible. On this basis, we jointly introduce a system that enables people to communicate their observations and ideas without any fear, to systematize and evaluate them, and to bring them to a decision with those responsible.

Increase productivity with the right culture

It is important that this decision-making process makes transparent and plausibly explains why ideas are accepted or rejected. In this way, the motivation is maintained to always come up with new ideas. Through quick decisions and prompt implementation, the employees are appreciated and the success of the idea is demonstrated. If you open up and bring in ideas, you can make a difference – for the good of your company. A productivity culture is created. lean . daily . better

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