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Project management excellence

Project example

Initial situation

A service provider with approx. 20 employees has defined processes in acquisition and project execution. However, these are only partially lived. There are always process deviations in project management, conflicts, wrong decisions, delays and inefficiencies.

Project order

The entire project management from the customer inquiry to the project evaluation is to be examined for potentials and streamlined. In addition, an effective quality and control system has to be established to ensure compliance with the processes.



  • execution of a process analysis 
  • multi-stage development of a target process for project management 
  • definition of visualization & communication & decision making in the process chain 
  • definition of tasks and responsibilities 
  • implementation planning and pilot implementation 
  • multiple optimization loops 
  • implementation of the final target process 
  • multiple review visits 


  • reduction of lead time from customer inquiry to project order by 80%
  • 70% increase in efficiency 
  • 90% reduction in process deviations 

Other projext examples

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