Business Excellence results from the interaction of different components of excellence. These include first and foremost strategy and development. Only those who know the direction in which the entire workforce is to work can achieve the desired goals. And only those who develop suitable products and services for the selected target markets can reach their target customers.

Building on this, there exist four Operational Excellence components, for which I am happy to be your Excellence partner:

Processes, productivity, leadership, cultural change.

The two areas of strategy and development can be covered by experts from my network as required.

Processes: Lean.Fast.Robust

You have enough processes in your company, they are accurately documentated – but in daily business it’s different. People are living different processes. It crunches, the organization is inefficient, conflicts increase. Although your staff knows exactly what’s going wrong.

You want to use this knowledge to review and improve processes together. The processes should come into flow.

Together with your team, we analyse existing processes and align them methodically on the basis of experience. We define pragmatic solutions and create structures that employees like to live.

Your success: lean, fast and robust processes – more reliability and predictability.

Productivity: Daily.added.value

Do you want to increase your productivity in order to always be competitive? You’ve been through many productivity projects, but the effects are quickly diminishing.

Your employees have a lot of ideas about what they can improve. Together we use this potential and make the topic of productivity a daily part of our work.

We analyse the processes together with those who carry out the work steps on a daily basis. At the same time, we test suggestions for improvement that come directly from your team. Making mistakes is expressly permitted to learn out of it and to improve.

Your success: You create more value every day and secure the profitability of your company.

Leadership: Trust.role.model.mentor

How can you as a manager motivate your team and achieve the best possible result? The basis of success is trust.

The joy your team feels at work depends on how strong the trust is on the part of management and colleagues. Do you treat each other with respect and appreciation?

In coaching, we work together to ensure that you as a manager support your team and do not control it. You create the necessary structures for your employees so that they work innovatively and courageously and achieve the best possible performance.

Your success: As a mentor and role model, you create a climate of appreciation and trust in which your team goes to work motivated.

Cultural change:

You want to improve cooperation within the company and to enable people to develop their full potential at work. And you want your company to become even more profitable! With my method of integrated cultural change, we combine both in your company.

Together, we implement a pragmatic implementation concept that links cultural change with a real improvement project. In this way, we take the brisance out of the cultural change and focus on improvement work. At the same time we make people enjoy the change.

Your success: rapid increase in productivity and a living cultural change – this is how values and profitability are lived hand in hand.

Concept of cooperation

To support you on the way to Business Excellence I offer various concepts of cooperation. Thereby I focus on the areas of excellence Process, Productivity, Leadership, Cultural Change as described above.

Coaching: The methodical accompaniment of executives and/or teams is the core of my services. My goal is to support people in developing their personal and professional potential. To make myself superfluous in your company. However, I emphasize that I do NOT follow the classical coaching approach, which excludes content support. Rather, I combine the best of coaching and consulting for the benefit of my clients.

Consulting: My consulting approach is based on four pillars:

  • a specific project approach,
  • the processing of all important fields of action,
  • a consistent change of perspective,
  • a specific set of methods.

I pay attention to short project durations (3 to a maximum of 6 months) and a clear definition of roles: The project team consists of operative co-workers who live the processes and structures to be considered in day-to-day business. They are mostly released from day-to-day business for the duration of the project and I enable the team to work methodically well-founded and goal-oriented. I always train the team in small and quick steps based on the specific operational questions. And we create organizational structures for sustainable success.

Seminars: I offer various seminars related to the excellence components described. The seminars are predominantly closed events, usually adapted to specific customer needs. In some cases, however, I also offer open seminars. Please ask for offers in your region. I always focus on practical application, limiting the theoretical part to what is necessary. The exercises are based on specific case studies from daily work of the participants, so that a direct benefit arises.

Speaker: At corporate events, I like to sensitize my audience to the importance and impact of sustainable cultural change. Both for the success of the company and for the satisfaction of the people. I show ways in which large and small hurdles can often be avoided or overcome with little effort. And the responsibility that lies with the managers. In view of the current digitalization hype with its manifestations of industry 4.0, work 4.0, cultural change 4.0 and the resulting – sometimes already panic-stricken – actionism in the management floors, my speeches form a entertaining and reflecting counterpart to the apparent social consensus.