How much frustration is in the order fulfilment process?

How smooth the order processing could start: The customer is interested in a product or service, the sales department clarifies all relevant requirements and specifications. Using a structured process to check internally under what conditions the customer’s wishes can be Read more ›

Cultural Change Report – Quality Gates

Dear visitor, In my first newsletter I addressed the importance of economic success in cultural change. In order to achieve this both quickly and sustainably, low-waste processes are needed, which are best developed and introduced by the employees themselves. Clearly Read more ›

Cultural Change Report – Synergies

Dear Visitor, Unfortunately, working in a successful corporate culture has become more and more a privilege in recent decades. Although economic success is widespread, job satisfaction has become increasingly rare. The pressure to succeed, the internal competition, the different egoisms Read more ›

Digitalisierung auf der Überholspur?

In diesem Beitrag möchte ich Ihnen gerne einige Beispiele der Digitalisierung aus Forschung und Industrie vorstellen, um Ihnen die Mächtigkeit und die Dynamik dieser Entwicklung plastisch vor Augen zu führen. Während sich nämlich ein Großteil unseres Mittelstands noch im Sandkasten-Stadium Read more ›