How much frustration is in the order fulfilment process?

How smooth the order processing could start: The customer is interested in a product or service, the sales department clarifies all relevant requirements and specifications. Using a structured process to check internally under what conditions the customer’s wishes can be Read more ›

Cultural Change Report – Quality Gates

Dear visitor, In my first newsletter I addressed the importance of economic success in cultural change. In order to achieve this both quickly and sustainably, low-waste processes are needed, which are best developed and introduced by the employees themselves. Clearly Read more ›

Operational Excellence – Chance oder Dämon?

Wenn Unternehmen nach Perfektion streben, dann ist der Begriff Operational Excellence – kurz OPEX – nicht weit. Schlanke Prozesse, höchste Flexibilität und Kosteneffizienz sind nur ein kleiner Ausschnitt des Bemühens um die Krone der Wettbewerbsfähigkeit sowie der Profitabilität. Ein ehrenwertes Read more ›